Israel is aggressor in Mideast conflict

Letter to the Editor

By Leonard B. Bjorkman

Published: February 12, 2012
Press and Sun-Bulletin

Daniel Gold's Jan. 30 Guest Viewpoint, "Israel's right to exist is indisputable," glosses over at least several matters.

When he speaks about "who started the wars," he does not mention the well-documented ethnic cleansing that Israel carried out against the Arab Palestinians.

When he speaks about "Palestinian land" as being "disputed," he does not mention that the International Court of Justice, in its advisory opinion of July 9, 2004, states that it is the "Occupied Palestinian Territory" and Israel is the occupier.

Furthermore, the wall that he mentions is deemed by the court to be illegal, because Israel constructs it not on its own land but on the occupied land.

It is for such reasons as these that countless loyal Jewish Israelis are doing all they can to end Israel's occupation and secure a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike, in accordance with international law and United Nations resolutions.

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