Tioga Peace and Justice, Tioga County, New York

Tioga Peace and Justice Contact information

Judy & Len Bjorkman (Owego) (607) 689-0017 / email: LenandJudy@stny.rr.com

Ed Nizalowski (Newark Valley) Ed.Nizalowski@gmail.com

Al and Carol Sunderwirth (Owego) csunderwir@stny.rr.com

Mary Thorpe (Van Etten) mary14889@frontiernet.net

If you would like to receive e-mail notices of upcoming activities, contact one of the members above.

Other participants in our
Planning Committee include

Judy Bjorkman
Len Bjorkman
Joanne Cooney
Terence Cooney
Ann M. Ellis
KC Ellis
Barb Heywood

Ed Kang
Mae Kang
Dave Ketchum
Cecile Lawrence
Duane Palmiter Sr.
Al Sunderwirth
Carol Sunderwirth
Mary Thorpe